Stratos provides comprehensive Accounts Payable/Overpayment recovery services that encompasses all aspects of the disbursement process. Using our SDI Technology, we review 100% of your transactions to ensure all potential savings are uncovered.  The Stratos Solutions Accounts Payable Review procedures goes “beyond the basics” to maximize overpayments and deliver the operational recommendations that help our clients identify overpayments today and help improve your AP processes tomorrow.

Stratos goes outside the standard competitors’ basic duplicate payment and missed credits review. We have a Dedicated AP Team – that also looks at, amongst AP specialty areas including Rebates & Allowances, Payment Errors, Contract Compliance Errors and Freight / Transportation.

We have More Experience: Twenty-Seven plus years of Accounts Payable Audit Reviews covering both the Public & Private Sectors.

Sample Areas of Review:

  • Discounts and credits not taken
  • Duplicates and overpayments
  • Failure to use credit or rebates
  • Vendor compliance to contract terms and conditions
  • Payments to wrong vendors
  • Payment for goods returned
  • Payment for incorrect quantities or unit price
  • Outstanding vendor credits
  • Volume pricing/allotment
  • Lease payments