Our tax specialists have a proven track record. Below are just some of the comments we have received. We would be happy to provide further references upon request.

Please note that client names have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

Public Service Body

“My experience with Stratos has been great. They were awarded our contract to do a sales tax review in 2012. …………….. Not only have they helped us identify refunds to the tune of $200K+ in the last 2 months (with more to come based on their analysis) but more importantly they are extremely responsive to any sales tax related queries that we have from time to time. Due to the ever changing nature of agreements that we (…) continue to be involved in, sales tax becomes an area where we have had to rely on the expertise provided by Stratos. They get back to me within the same day even in a few hours most of the time with clear and concise responses and even promptly respond to the follow-up questions that we may have at times. I remember Paul even responding to something we said was urgent while he was away on vacation out of the country. ……… So all in all, we are very happy with them.”

“Review went smooth – least interruptive review she has ever been thru during her many year of having reviews performed”

Hospitality Industry

“The Stratos team has provided us with very valuable knowledge and a top-notch professional service. The education we received from your review will help us to continue to save substantial dollars for the future as well.”

Enterprise and Mobile Software Industry

“Your service was able to accomplish a significant tax savings for our company. The advice and audit assistance you provided found 12 times more money than another competitor.”

Retail Industry

Stratos’ uncompromising attention to detail; as well as their strategic insight and extensive knowledge of tax legislation provided outstanding value… Stratos’ powerful proprietary technology identified areas of focus to identify ALL opportunities with minimal disruptions to our operations.”

Electrical Utilities Company

“…I was skeptical whether Stratos could meet your claim of being able to find more sales tax refunds than had already been claimed for past years. I was pleasantly surprised. The Stratos team found over $200,000 of unclaimed recoverable sales tax for a period already reviewed 3 times. I’m now convinced of the benefits that an audit of computer data files has over a sales tax audit performed manually on source documents. Stratos’ sales tax recovery increased our earnings by 2.6%. My expectations were more than exceeded.”

International Marketing Information Company

“…[You] strategically identified a significant recovery opportunity by successfully challenging the interpretation of existing sales tax laws. During this process, [you] also provided professional services in the administrative aspects of sales tax laws, allowing our company to minimize our sales tax expenses while ensuring statutory compliance. We would highly recommend [your] services in the review of any sales tax processes.”

Global Manufacturing Company

“… You not only found tax refunds within the current review period, but you also found refunds missed by our prior tax consultants. In fact, the tax recoveries they missed and you identified exceeded the total recoveries the other reviewer found …You promised you were different and you are delivering.”

Financial Institution

“…Stratos identified sales tax refunds based on their interpretation of existing sales tax laws. Stratos also provided professional services in the administrative aspects of sales tax laws, allowing our company to minimize our sales tax expenses while ensuring statutory compliance….. Based on the results of our review process and the expertise displayed by Stratos, we would highly recommend their services.”

Food Manufacturer

“We especially appreciate the additional advisory services offered under your Service Plus Program, which we have taken advantage of on numerous occasions in between formal review engagements.  We appreciate receiving prompt written responses to our emails queries which cover a wide range of tax subjects.  The combined experience of your team and the knowledge of the individuals that we work with at Stratos are evident in the completeness and depth of these responses.”


“At least one principal of the company is directly involved on our file on an on-going basis and consistently demonstrates specific industry awareness, important cross-specialty knowledge including a strong understanding of research and development and information.”

“We continue to engage Stratos for a variety of reasons including: successful multi-jurisdictional tax recoveries and audit assistance; and valuable advisory on systems analysis and setups including original HST implementation and subsequent harmonization/de-harmonization issues.”

Public Service Body (Municipality)

“Based on the negative experiences with our other recovery firms, we initially felt uncomfortable proceeding with the ITC recoveries you identified.  The Stratos team guided us step by step in the course of exploring the issue and they produced the promised superior results: the issue was audited and quickly approved by CRA.”

Automotive Manufacturer

“You proved to us that you indeed had specific issues and private rulings pertaining to our industry.”

Large Importer

Stratos identified numerous refund issues pertaining to our imports which we had not previously considered and which resulted in sizeable recoveries.”

Energy Sector

“I received the binder with the documentation of the GST recoveries and will be book them immediately.  We will be using the information to educate the personnel who are now responsible for the specific functions where most of the refunds you identified were recovered.”

Technology Sector

“I was surprised at their ability to find uncorrected duplicate payments in an environment of tight internal control.”


“Unlike many contingency firms, you took steps to reduce our possible exposure, increase our compliance as well as improve the knowledge and understanding of our people for the future.”

Multinational Diversified Hospitality Company

“Due to their expertise, free evaluation test and help in implementation, we’ve been able to significantly improve the cost-effectiveness of our internal procedures.”

Real Estate

“Your expertise allowed us to recover substantial recoveries that would not otherwise have materialized before the statutory deadlines we were facing for a significant portion of these refunds.”

Public Service Body

Stratos’ expertise, along with the very thorough data analysis, identified material savings and refunds for our company that were not brought to our attention by other advisors.”

“…the tasks were completed with minimal disturbance or inconvenience to our staff.  Your unique knowledge with regard to sales tax issues has resulted in substantial refunds and the savings will be ours for years to come.”

Real Estate Investment Trust

“The final report your firm issued was most helpful in ensuring that our future tax filings were accurate.  We use the report as an aid to ensure that we are correctly taking all ITC’s available.

…In summary, although I didn’t expect that there would be much to choose from between competing candidates for the sales tax recovery audit, as you can tell from the above comments, there definitely is.”