Stratos Solutions Inc. is a Premium specialized commodity tax and overpayment restitution firm assisting Top 1000 (by revenue) clients in identifying opportunities not realized.

We have collectively saved our clients Hundreds of Millions of Dollars!!

Why Choose Stratos

We are experienced Canadian Accounts Payable and Sales Tax experts utilizing a proven process and proprietary technology to deliver measurable results. You can count on Stratos to maximize your tax credits, uncover overpayments, identify tax reductions, and assist you in defending government audits.

We Maximize Your Tax Credits

Our expertise and experience enables Stratos to maintain a leadership position across a wide spectrum of tax services.  Accounts Payable recovery services are an integral part of our review services. In addition, we offer various types of compliance and special projects services.

Who Needs Us?

Our services help large, complex organizations save significant sums of money. We know that tax and accounting departments in these companies, facing pressures to be ever more efficient, often have little time or resources to research and implement cost-saving ideas. When mergers and acquisitions or multiple ongoing audits are added to the mix, the benefits of bringing in experienced tax professionals are magnified.

Our Results

Time and again, we have delivered exceptional results that exceed industry standards. We have a history of uncovering substantial additional savings for clients following third-party reviews.

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